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Many Belmont area residents seek out our doctors at Dental Restorative Group for dental implants, for functional and/or aesthetic reasons. Many of these dental patients have done online research before scheduling a consultation with our doctors, and are aware that their missing tooth or teeth are no longer stimulating their jawbone to continue the growth of healthy jawbone tissue. Not only are dental implants a meant-to-be solution for replacing teeth, but they also protect you from bone loss in jaw.

How Do Dental Implants Prevent Jawbone Tissue Loss?

Your natural tooth roots do more than hold your teeth in place, where they belong. Your tooth roots, which are present in your jawbone, actually stimulate your jawbone to continue growing health jawbone tissue. If you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, that growth stimulation is lost. As a result, dental patients can suffer from a condition called bone resorption, which occurs when your jawbone tissue shrinks and is lost as the result of the lack of bone stimulation.

While dentures and bridges can restore some functionality and aesthetics if you are missing a tooth or multiple teeth, they don’t in to contribute to your jaw’s health. This means, even if a dental patient chooses dentures or bridges as a tooth replacement method, there’s nothing stimulating his or her jawbone growth. Denture and bridge patients are at risk for losing jawbone volume, which can result in a change of your aesthetic appearance, as well as increase your risk for losing more of your natural teeth as your jawbone shrinks.

Dental implants, work differently than dentures and bridges. The main difference is that when Belmont residents choose dental implants to replace their missing teeth, titanium screws are inserted into their jawbone to hold the realistic looking tooth crown in place. The titanium screw integrates with your jawbone, making your dental implant a long lasting, bone jaw preserving solution.

Additional Reasons for Belmont Residents to Choose Dental Implants Over Other Teeth Replacement Systems.

In addition to protecting jawbone volume loss, there are several reasons why our doctors recommend our Belmont area patients choose dental implants over removable dentures or bridges. These reasons include:

  • The Permanency of Dental Implants.

Dental implants have a very high success rate, and when properly cared for, they are designed to last indefinitely.

  • They Won’t Slip and Slide.

Dentures are secured daily via a denture paste, which which will not hold as tight of a bond as most dental patients desire. The water soluble denture paste, will not prevent dentures from moving when you talk or eat.

  • They Don’t Affect Adjacent Teeth, Like Bridges Do.

In order to get a dental bridge, you need your adjacent teeth drilled down and capped. Dental implants, however, don’t affect your adjacent teeth at all.

  • You Can Chew or Eat Anything with Dental Implants.

Perhaps one of the reasons dental implants are so popular among Belmont residents is that it’s as if you still have your natural teeth. With dental implants, you can chew or eat anything you’d like, even the crunchiest of food, without having to worry about them slipping, sliding, or breaking.

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