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At Dental Restorative Group, Dr. Chang provides oral surgery to address many different types of conditions. While many people confine the term “oral surgery” to tooth extractions, the truth is that this medical specialty goes far beyond that.

More Than Tooth Extractions

Oral surgery is an important specialty in the world of oral healthcare. Without board-certified oral surgeons like Dr. Chang, patients wouldn’t receive the care they deserve. Some of the conditions treated through oral surgery include:

  • Teeth Needing Removal
    As we mentioned, this type of oral surgery is what most people think of when they consider the conditions an oral surgeon can treat. Oral surgeons are trained to effectively remove teeth that are impacted, diseased, or broken in a safe and effective way.
  • Loose or Missing Teeth
    Another common condition treated through oral surgery is the replacement of loose or missing teeth. To restore oral function for patients suffering from this condition, Dr. Chang utilizes dental implants, which are custom-made and surgically placed. This tooth-replacement option provides men and women with fully restored oral function and a natural-looking smile.
  • Bone Deficiency
    If you have been considering dental implants, but you’ve had loose or missing teeth for an extended period of time, chances are your jawbone tissue isn’t adequate to hold dental implants in place. In this instance, oral surgery is required to place a bone graft, which encourages the growth and rehabilitation of the jawbone. After the graft has healed and new jawbone to has generated, Dr. Chang is able to place dental implants.
  • Pathologic Conditions
    If you have been diagnosed with a pathologic condition such as a tumor or cyst within your mouth or other maxillofacial tissues, oral surgery with Dr. Chang can reconstruct the area in order to remove it and restore your appearance.
  • Facial Trauma
    Another common condition oral surgery with Dr. Chang can address is facial trauma restoration. If you have experienced facial trauma of any type, Dr. Chang can perform oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery to restore your appearance.
  • Severe Jaw Disorders
    Oral surgery can provide relief of severe jaw disorders such as TMJ, open bite, underbite, and overbite by performing corrective jaw surgery.
  • Cleft Lip and Palate
    Children who suffer from a cleft lip and palate can visit Dr. Chang for oral surgery and maxillofacial surgery, which can address both of these conditions. Oftentimes, Dr. Chang puts a multidisciplinary team together to provide optimal results for children with these conditions.
  • Cosmetic Conditions
    Patients who have concerns with the cosmetic appearance of their smile can visit Dr. Chang for oral surgery. He can provide a variety of cosmetic options to improve your smile, such as crowns, veneers, tooth whitening, or a complete smile makeover fully customized to meet your specific desires.

Dental Restorative Group Can Help You with Oral Surgery

No matter the condition you’re suffering from, Dr. Chang can provide oral surgery to provide you with relief. To schedule your initial consultation, call his office today at (617) 489-1470.