How Can I Correct an Underbite?

If you’re a Belmont adult who has lived with an unwanted underbite your whole life, you may want to seek out oral surgery to correct your bite. A corrective jaw oral surgery called orthognathic surgery can be just what our doctors have ordered! With this procedure, our doctors will correct your specific skeletal and dental… Read more » Read More

Do Dental Implants Protect My Jawbone?

Many Belmont area residents seek out our doctors at Dental Restorative Group for dental implants, for functional and/or aesthetic reasons. Many of these dental patients have done online research before scheduling a consultation with our doctors, and are aware that their missing tooth or teeth are no longer stimulating their jawbone to continue the growth… Read more » Read More

Hygiene Tips After Oral Surgery

Often when we schedule oral surgery for our Belmont patients, we find that it’s the first type of surgery they’ve ever had in their lives. As such, it’s normal that they are curious about the oral surgery process, as well as the recovery time period. While we provide detailed post-operative instructions to each of our… Read more » Read More

How Can Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Heart Disease and Diabetes?

The more that medical researchers study oral health, the more they’re discovering that properly maintaining your oral health is correlated with staying healthy overall. Isn’t that amazing? When patients take care of their teeth, they’re not only protecting their teeth and gums but their entire bodies from unwanted conditions such as heart disease and diabetes!… Read more » Read More

Dental Cleanings Can Prevent Tooth Loss

When asked, all Cambridge residents say they want to keep their natural teeth. After all, we all want the functionality and aesthetics that natural teeth provide, but we assume that teeth replacement is expensive and time consuming. In addition to practicing proper oral hygiene, the next best way to keep all your teeth is to… Read more » Read More

Chewing with Dental Implants

Are you a dental patient who’s had missing teeth for years, that you’ve replaced with dentures or bridges only to discover they don’t allow you the freedom to eat anything you want because you can’t chew crunchy or really chewy foods? Are you a peanut brittle aficionado who’s facing a tooth extraction and wondering if… Read more » Read More

At What Age Should I Get a Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

A common question amongst parents of our teen patients, or amongst young adult patients, is when is it time to get wisdom teeth extractions? We understand why you’re curious. Getting your wisdom teeth has gotten a bad rap for a good reason – it really does hurt when they come in! Besides the pain associated… Read more » Read More

5 Causes of White Spots on Teeth

Some Cambridge residents who desire teeth whitening actually have white spots on their teeth. This condition is fairly common and caused by a variety of reasons. While teeth whitening can help eliminate the yellowing or darkening of teeth, it can also make existing white spots on your teeth more prominent. For this reason, any patient… Read more » Read More