Tips to Prepare For Your Oral Surgery Procedure

To help you prepare for the most comfortable experience possible before, during, and after oral surgery, here are some valuable tips and information to help you feel more informed and relaxed about the big day. Read More

Different Types of Dental Implants

The best and most long-lasting option today for replacing lost or damaged teeth is a dental implant fitted with a crown. Dental Restorative Group offers several types of implants for our patients in Belmont, Arlington, Cambridge, and nearby areas in Massachusetts. Find out more! Read More

Reasons for Tooth Extractions

If you’re a Belmont area resident and you think you may need oral surgery for a tooth extraction, then call our Belmont office today! Read More

5 Advantages of Dental Implants

Are you a Belmont resident with missing teeth that you want to replace, but are unsure of what treatment method you want to use? Our Belmont dentists at the Dental Restorative Group often recommend dental implants for patients who are missing teeth, because of the many benefits dental implants provide. Read More

5 Reasons to Consider Gum Grafting

Have you noticed that your gums are receding from your teeth? Are you starting to be able to see the roots of your teeth, and are you concerned about how that look affects your smile? If you’ve noticed that your gums are receding, it may be time to consider getting a gum grafting procedure. Read More

Teaching in Shanghai

Several times throughout the year, Dr. Chang travels to China to lecture at the Harvard Center in Shanghai. He not only provides continuing education opportunities for seasoned dental professionals but also helps train those new to the industry to ensure their patients get the most up to date treatment available. He lectures on porcelain veneers… Read more » Read More

Do Dental Implants Last a Lifetime?

If you’re a Belmont resident who is missing teeth or know that you need to have a tooth extracted, you are likely researching options for replacing your natural teeth. Read on to discover important information about dental implants and how long you can expect them to last. Read More

Do’s and Don’ts of Recovering from Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is an outpatient procedure that occurs in dentist’s office and depending on the type of pain relief used for your oral surgery; you may even be able to drive yourself home following your procedure. Read a list we have put together of Do’s and Don’ts for patients to follow when recovering. Read More

How Can a Full Mouth Dental Reconstruction Help with TMJ?

Are you a Belmont resident with the pain and jaw popping symptoms of TMJ? Did you know that in some cases, misaligned teeth could cause TMJ? If you live with the painful sensations of TMJ, continue reading to discover how you can alleviate your TMJ pain and have a better smile. Read More

Reasons You May Need Oral Surgery

For some Belmont patients, the pain in mouth may be a sign of significant problems. It may not be a simple toothache, but a more serious condition that requires oral surgery. Read on for a list of common reasons why Belmont area patients require oral surgery from the Dental Restorative Group. Read More