Can Dental Cleanings Prevent Cavities?

When it comes to your teeth and your biannual dental cleanings, you never want to hear the “c word”: cavities! Having a cavity means you’ll be coming back to the dentist soon to have it drilled and filled. And as pleasant and comfortable as our doctors at Cambridge’s Dental Restorative Group work to make this… Read more » Read More

5 Teeth Whitening Mistakes That are Damaging Your Teeth

  When Cambridge dental patients desire teeth whitening, they want to give themselves the bright, pearly white glow of a healthy smile. Unfortunately, some people in our area are using DIY whitening solutions over-aggressively, or solutions that are overall not good for the health of their teeth. This can lead to problems that may not… Read more » Read More

Upcoming Event!

Dr. Chang has the pleasure of speaking at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Japan for an innovative and effective team collaboration in multidisciplinary therapy! Dr. Chang is very familiar with the Harvard School of Dental Medicine as he completed his postdoctoral specialty in prosthodontics and received his Master of Medical Science degree. We… Read more » Read More

Symptoms of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Just mention the term and most Belmont teens and young adults will cringe: “wisdom teeth.” Whether you’ve had them removed or yours haven’t come in yet, it seems that everyone knows that getting your wisdom teeth is painful and that they often require wisdom teeth extractions. But did you know that, depending on your mouth… Read more » Read More

How Can I Correct an Underbite?

If you’re a Belmont adult who has lived with an unwanted underbite your whole life, you may want to seek out oral surgery to correct your bite. A corrective jaw oral surgery called orthognathic surgery can be just what our doctors have ordered! With this procedure, our doctors will correct your specific skeletal and dental… Read more » Read More

Do Dental Implants Protect My Jawbone?

Many Belmont area residents seek out our doctors at Dental Restorative Group for dental implants, for functional and/or aesthetic reasons. Many of these dental patients have done online research before scheduling a consultation with our doctors, and are aware that their missing tooth or teeth are no longer stimulating their jawbone to continue the growth… Read more » Read More

Hygiene Tips After Oral Surgery

Often when we schedule oral surgery for our Belmont patients, we find that it’s the first type of surgery they’ve ever had in their lives. As such, it’s normal that they are curious about the oral surgery process, as well as the recovery time period. While we provide detailed post-operative instructions to each of our… Read more » Read More