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Dental implants are one of the most exciting aspects of modern day dentistry. This permanent tooth replacement system can be used to replace an entire mouth full of teeth, either out of need if you are missing all or most of your teeth, or desire if you would like a complete smile makeover with this realistic looking tooth replacement system. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, our doctors at Dental Restorative Group are prepared to help you meet your goals and achieve a smile that looks and functions naturally.

How Dental Implants Maintain Natural Facial Shape.

When our doctors are working with a Belmont dental patient to replace a full arch – or all – of their teeth, the patient is often concerned about the aesthetic appearance that the dental implants will provide. After all, you’ve seen the sunken in look of patients with dentures before. You don’t want that, do you?

Dental implants can help Belmont dental patients facing a full mouth replacement maintain their natural face shape and smile because they function like natural teeth. The titanium screws that are inserted into a patient’s jaw bone to hold the teeth mimicking crowns in place aren’t only designed to keep the implants from falling out. They maintain jaw bone and preventing bone volume loss.

Additionally, Belmont dental patients facing a complete set of dental implants are pleasantly surprised to learn that this solution is the most realistic looking tooth replacement system on the market today. With dental implants, your smile will look just as good – or better – than it did, and you won’t lose your ability to chew down and bite on anything you like, even something as crunchy as peanut brittle.

Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

While there are a few contraindications for dental implants, our doctors recommend them for nearly all our Belmont patients who need to replace an entire mouth or arch full of teeth, provided that the patient is a non-smoker or promises to quit smoking before the dental implants are placed. That’s because smoking constricts blood vessels and can prevent the implants’ titanium screw from fusing with your jaw bone, or cause a rare infection called peri-implantitis, both of which can cause your dental implants to loosen or fall out.

Your Dental Implants Experience at Dental Restorative Group

Our doctors’ goal is to help all our Belmont dental patients meet their dental wants and needs, whether they be functional, aesthetic, or both. When you select us to place dental implants, we work tirelessly on assessing your unique case and creating a personalized treatment plan for you. None of our patients are alike, which means we don’t just churn out a one-size-fits-all plan for placing dental implants.

Throughout the pre-surgery process, your surgical goals will be monitored, and we’ll provide realistic outcomes for you so that you can rest assured you’ll leave your surgery with the smile you wanted to begin with. 

To schedule an initial dental implants consultation with our doctors, call our office today at (617) 489-1470.

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