internal meet dr changDr. John S. Chang, DMD, MMSc

Dr. John Chang is the founder of Dental Restorative Group and manages the work of our offices in Belmont and Cambridge.

As a surgery-trained prosthodontist, Doctor of Dental Medicine, and Master of Medical Science, Dr. Chang brings extensive experience and skill to every patient case. He is an internationally recognized specialist and lecturer on the subjects of dental implants and prosthetic dentistry, and he regularly contributes to the field’s body of research in peer-reviewed journals.

Just as important as Dr. Chang’s knowledge and skill is the approach he offers patients. He makes the comfort, safety, and confidence of those in his care a priority, spending significant time during appointments to discuss procedures, answer questions, and make treatment a collaborative process.

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Professional Accomplishments

Dr. Chang serves as a faculty of the postdoctoral prosthodontics program at Harvard University’s School of Dental Medicine. He is a member of the American College of Prosthodontists, and the Massachusetts Dental Society has selected him as a top dentist in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (“Ten Under 10,” 2013).

In addition to his work in Cambridge and Belmont, Dr. Chang helps improve restorative techniques for patients worldwide. He regularly lectures on topics such as the All-on-4® treatment concept, CADCAM restorations, digital impression methods, and crown and prosthetic fabrication methods that can yield more consistent, high-quality dental appliances. 

Education and Training

The quality of Dr. Chang’s work reflects the advanced training and education that he received. He is a graduate of the School of Dental Medicine at University of Pennsylvania. Upon completing a postdoctoral specialty in prosthodontics at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine, Dr. Chang received a Master of Medical Science degree. This program provided him with thorough training in specialty clinical practice and research methodologies.

Dr. Chang also participated in additional training for implant surgery at the University of Geneva. Patients frequently choose Dental Restorative Group because of his knowledge in this area, and the breadth of his education and skills has helped provide them with durable, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing results.


Dr. Chang believes that serving patients well also means serving the community. He has made it a commitment of our practice to support organizations and events throughout Belmont, Cambridge, and Greater Boston.

Dr. Chang is an active sponsor of the Foundation for Belmont Education, which raises private funds to enrich the educational experience. The foundation helps foster the creativity of teachers and engage the interest of students. He also contributes to the Global Art Music Foundation, which advances interest in and resources for the arts in our community and abroad.

John Chang is a married father of two. He and his daughters, all accomplished violinists, regularly visit senior living facilities to play concerts for residents. Because our practice frequently serves patients in their 50s and older, these visits also give future patients an opportunity to get to know Dr. Chang and become comfortable in his care.

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Founding Dental Restorative Group

Dr. Chang formed Dental Restorative Group because he wanted to offer a practice that:

Values High-quality Care and Patient Safety

He and our doctors carefully review devices, techniques, technologies, and materials and make decisions on their use based on scientific research and testing. Our doctors also design treatment plans based on comprehensive examinations and patient medical histories to ensure proper care.

Supports The Full Spectrum of Patient Needs

Dr. Chang has grown our practice with doctors who have experience in prosthodontics and general dental care. The patients that come to us are able to build a relationship with our providers because we can assist them with both acute and preventative care.

Provided a Patient-centered Experience

By giving extensive time to patients in consultations, providing a variety of treatment options, easing anxiety, and improving comfort, our practice offers a customized approach for every person.

Along with the rest of the team at Dental Restorative Group, Dr. Chang welcomes you to visit our practice in Belmont or Cambridge for more information about care.

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