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If you’re a Belmont adult who has lived with an unwanted underbite your whole life, you may want to seek out oral surgery to correct your bite. A corrective jaw oral surgery called orthognathic surgery can be just what our doctors have ordered! With this procedure, our doctors will correct your specific skeletal and dental irregularities, which likely include misalignment of both your jaws and your teeth. While orthognathic surgery is performed for functional purposes, it often results in a more aesthetically pleasing jawline and a dramatically improved look in the patient’s appearance.

Reasons to Correct an Underbite

There are a variety of aesthetic and functional reasons why Belmont area residents seek out our doctors at the Dental Restorative Group for oral surgery to correct their underbites. These include:

  • The desire to change their aesthetic appearance
  • Having a difficult time chewing or biting food
  • Having a difficult time swallowing
  • Constantly experiencing joint and jaw pain and headaches (caused by TMJ)
  • Experiencing excessive wear on the teeth due to the underbite
  • Experiencing an open bite, which occurs when there is a space between the upper and lower teeth when the mouth is closed
  • Experiencing an inability to make the lips meet without excessive straining to achieve this position
  • Chronic mouth breathing
  • Diagnosis of sleep apnea due to the patient’s underbite

If you have an underbite and are experiencing any of the unwanted symptoms listed above, it’s time you visit our Belmont offices for an underbite oral surgery consultation.

What Will Happen When I Schedule an Appointment?

The thought of oral surgery can be intimidating for Belmont area residents who need to correct an underbite. That’s why our doctors are with you every step of the way to help educate, inform and support you about your potential procedures, and make sure you are comfortable with your personalized treatment plan.

Because underbites present in so many different ways, there’s no one specific way to correct one. Instead, your unique treatment plan will be prepared after consultation with our doctors, images including photos and x-rays have been taken, and you’ve been interviewed so that our doctors understand your goals for the oral surgery. In some cases, orthodontics must be applied before and/or after the oral surgery to further complete the jaw correction process.

The length of time that it will take to correct your underbite varies. For some Belmont adults, oral surgery alone may correct the abnormality. For others, oral surgery combined with orthodontics is required to deliver the best possible results. What you’ll need to correct your underbite will all depend on your unique anatomy and desired surgical outcomes.

Schedule a Consultation with Us Today

While we can’t give you a definitive answer via a blog post on what it will take to correct your underbite or how long the process will last, our doctors can by thoroughly evaluating you and creating a personalized treatment plan.

To get the ball rolling, schedule an underbite oral surgery consultation appointment with our doctors today by calling (617) 489-1470.


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