Dental Restorative Group White Dental Fillings

If your teeth have cavities or other damage from tooth decay, white dental fillings can repair them and restore their function in a natural-looking way. They can also prevent bacteria from entering the teeth and causing concerns for your oral health.

Dental Restorative Group provides white dental fillings for patients in Cambridge and Greater Boston as a high-quality, attractive treatment option. Our practice offers both family dentistry and prosthodontic services, and our doctors have extensive experience in restorative procedures.

Dental Restorative Group schedules appointment six days a week and accepts a variety of insurance networks. Learn more about the care we provide.

What Are White Dental Fillings?

White dental fillings are one of several options that your doctor can use to replace the damaged or decayed portions of your teeth. This type of filling is also known as composite resin, and it is a newer approach to aesthetic restoration.

Dental Restorative Group recommends white dental fillings for patients in Cambridge and Greater Boston who want their teeth to have a natural look and feel. The treatment is non-invasive, well-established, and effective.

White Dental Fillings Compared to Alternatives

Many dentists also use amalgam fillings, which are an older approach that employs a mixture of metals to fill teeth. There are several factors that you should consider when deciding between white dental fillings and dental amalgams.

  • Appearance: Teeth that are more visible, such as those closer to the front of your mouth, may benefit from white dental fillings. People may or may not see the teeth in the back of your mouth, and so the color or aesthetics may be less important.
  • Durability: White dental fillings are significantly more durable than they were when they were first introduced. However, they may need to be replaced after about a decade of use, unlike amalgam fillings, which tend to last much longer.
  • Preservation: White dental fillings only require a small portion of your teeth to be removed (the decayed or damaged areas). Compare this to amalgam fillings, which may require that your doctor remove larger sections of the teeth.
  • Expense: Amalgam fillings may be less expensive than white dental fillings. However, Cambridge and Boston-area patients often receive insurance coverage for these procedures. Dental Restorative Group can help you find out what is covered by your insurer.

What To Expect in Your Visit

Begin by scheduling an initial consultation with Dental Restorative Group in Cambridge and Greater Boston. Your dentist will conduct a comprehensive examination and evaluate the condition of your teeth. If you are a good candidate for dental fillings, the dentist can discuss the benefits of different filling options.

Our priority as oral health professionals is to provide the right care for each patient. White dental fillings are an excellent option for aesthetic improvement and for protecting damaged teeth. However, some of our patients need multiple fillings or fillings in less noticeable areas. We can help them explore materials that offer durability and functionality at lower costs while still giving them a great smile. Transparency and high-quality care are hallmarks of our work.

Getting White Dental Fillings

Treatment with dental fillings does not take long, and most patients manage any discomfort very well. During the procedure:

  • Your dentist will give you a local anesthetic to desensitize the tooth and the surrounding area.
  • Next, the dentist will remove the infected part of the tooth and replace it with layers of resin.
  • After applying a special light that hardens the resin, the dentist will shape it into a filling that matches your original tooth.

You may need some time after your procedure for the new tooth structure to feel completely normal. In some cases, patients require a slight revision to make their bite more comfortable. For most people, however, white dental fillings quickly become a natural part of their existing teeth, returning function, aesthetics, and health to their smile.

If your teeth need repair or restoration, consider getting white dental fillings. Schedule an appointment in Cambridge or throughout Greater Boston with Dental Restorative Group.