Eva De Carton


Practice Manager

Eva is a graduate of the Community College of Rhode Island, where she continues to volunteer at the Mission of Mercy. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science (Forsyth Program) with a Bachelor’s of Science in Dental Hygiene and has been practicing since 1995.



Victoria Demeritt


Financial Manager

Vicki started her dental career “by accident” when she was working towards an MBA in finance and applied for a bookkeeping position at a dental office. She fell in love with the field of dentisty and became an expert on subject of dental insurances and financial management. She is loved by patients for her caring and gentle attitude.




Head Dental Assistant




Head Dental Hygienist




Dental Hygienist




Dental Assistant at Belmont




Dental Hygienist

I decided to become a dental hygienist after seeing how much my own hygienist, who is also my stepmother, loves her job! I grew up in Russia and moved to the U.S. when I was 8, so I am fluent in Russian. I did my training at Mass College of Pharmacy with a Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene. I love treating patients and educating my patients at the same time. I believe in prevention and anything that I can do to help my patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. i l love to spend my free time with my family and friends, do pilates and run, and spend time with my teacup yorkie who is 11 yrs old.