Dental Restorative Group Smile Makeover

Patients shouldn’t be afraid to flash their teeth due to cracks, spaces, missing teeth, gaps, or yellowing teeth when Dr. Chang is so close by to give them a complete smile makeover! This cosmetic procedure is performed on a case-by-case basis to prepare a personalized treatment plan for your unique needs, and may include:

  • Dental Implants
  • Dental Veneers
  • White Dental Fillings
  • Crown Lengthening
  • All-on-4®
  • Teeth Whitening

Let’s explore each of these procedures and how they can make you “Wow!” the people you smile at once you’ve had your smile makeover.

Dental Implants

Many Cambridge and Belmont dental patients are unhappy with the natural shape of some of their teeth or may even be missing some teeth. To address these issues, some patients choose dental implants as part of their smile makeover plan.

Dental implants work by surgically inserting a titanium rod into your mouth and covering that rod with realistic tooth-looking crowns. In fact, dental implants look so real that it’s often hard to tell them apart from natural teeth! Best of all, they’re meant to last for a long time with proper care!

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are teeth shells that permanently alter the way the fronts of your teeth appear. They let you give a long-lasting smile that people will remember.

There are a variety of reasons why Cambridge and Belmont patients of Dr. Chang choose dental veneers as part of their smile makeover plan:

  • They have visible tooth damage such as cracks, chips or craters.
  • Their teeth or yellowed or otherwise discolored due to root canal treatment, certain foods and beverages, or behaviors such as smoking, and despite trying teeth whitening, their smile hasn’t responded as desired.
  • They have a sizeable gap between their teeth they are looking to noticeably reduce through the placement of dental veneers.
  • The natural wear and tear of their teeth over time have given them a less-than-desirable appearance, and they wanted to regain their more youthful tooth appearance.

White Dental Fillings

Some Cambridge and Belmont patients of Dr. Chang are the life of the party, and when they laugh, you get a full-mouth view as they can’t stop cracking-up to the punchline of a joke or other funny scenario. But if the backs of their mouths are filled with the “old school” silver fillings of yesteryear, they may wish to replace those old fillings with new white dental fillings. Choosing white dental fillings as part of your smile makeover allows for a comprehensive approach, so you know you’ll always be flashing pearly whites, even when something makes you laugh so hard that you’re rolling on the floor!

Crown Lengthening

Not all cosmetic complaints that lead to a smile makeover procedure are related to the teeth alone. Some Cambridge and Belmont dental patients complain they have too “gummy” of a smile. If you feel your smile is all gum and not teeth, Dr. Chang can perform a crown lengthening surgery to surgically remove unneeded gum and reveal more of your teeth. This allows you to flash more of your pearly whites when you smile!


All-on-4® treatment is reserved for Cambridge and Belmont patients who are ready for “the works.” These smile makeover patients may:

  • Already be missing most of their teeth.
  • Have a number of diseased teeth that need to be removed.
  • Are very dissatisfied with the way their entire smile presents, but Dr. Chang doesn’t believe dental veneers will be an option in their case.

All-on-4® are a special type of dental implants. It’s when 4 titanium rods are surgically inserted into your mouth at an angle, and then a row of adjacent teeth crowns are attached to the rods, giving you a completely new smile!

Teeth Whitening

No smile makeover is complete without making sure your teeth are white and bright! In fact, Cambridge and Belmont residents who are concerned that their teeth stay white are encouraged to visit Dr. Chang on a regular basis for teeth whitening, as habits such as drinking coffee, eating spaghetti sauces, drinking white wine, or smoking can discolor your teeth.

If you’re considering getting a smile makeover, schedule an appointment with Dental Restorative Group in Cambridge or throughout Greater Boston.