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Wisdom teeth extractions are a common milestone in oral health. Whether your child is ready for the procedure or you are considering treatment for yourself, Dental Restorative Group offers excellent care from experienced prosthodontists who prioritize the comfort and safety of patients.

Our doctors conduct simple wisdom teeth extractions for patients in Cambridge, Belmont and Greater Boston. We also coordinate care and refer cases that require general IV sedation to local hospitals and other specialists. Below, we invite you to learn more about the procedure and our approach.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth—also known as third molars—are the four permanent adult teeth that are located at the back of your mouth on the top and bottom. They are typically the last teeth to appear, usually between ages 17 and 25.

For some people, wisdom teeth never develop. For others, they erupt (emerge) from the gums normally and without problems.

Then, there are situations in which the development of wisdom teeth causes immediate and long-term problems. Dental Restorative Group in Cambridge, Belmont and Greater Boston may recommend having the teeth removed in these cases.

The Benefits of Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Because wisdom teeth develop after all of your other teeth, they may not have room to grow or erupt properly from the gums. Doctors commonly describe these teeth as “impacted.”

Impacted wisdom teeth can present a variety of problems. They may remain trapped in the jawbone, or they may grow at an angle towards other teeth, towards the back of the mouth, or sideways. This can:

  • Lead to pain and cause damage to gums, teeth, and bone.
  • Push other teeth out of alignment.
  • Accelerate oral disease and tooth decay.

Dental Restorative Group recommends that Cambridge, Belmont and Greater Boston patients have wisdom teeth extractions in their teens and early twenties if possible. At this stage, the teeth have had less time to form roots, and they likely haven’t caused significant damage or complications to oral health. Our practice is also happy to serve patients who have decided to wait until later in life to have wisdom teeth removed.

What Patients Can Expect with Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Visit our offices in Cambridge or Belmont for an initial consultation. Your doctor will evaluate your teeth with a Cone Beam CT scan, which is a specialized type of X-ray, and learn about your medical history to make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. The doctor will also answer any questions you have about treatment and how Dental Restorative Group will make your experience as comfortable and anxiety-free as possible.

The duration of your wisdom teeth extraction will depend on the number and position of teeth as well as the level of impaction and tooth development. On the day of your procedure, your doctor will:

  • Provide a local anesthesia to numb the area. Doctors can also offer sedative medication to Cambridge, Belmont and Greater Boston patients with higher levels of anxiety.
  • Carefully perform the extraction, conducting the procedure as non-invasively as possible to speed your recovery.
  • Close the site using very small sutures to promote comfort and healing.

Post-Extraction Care

Before your procedure, you will receive a complete outline of post-operative instructions. This will allow you to prepare in advance for what to expect. Most people don’t require specialized pain medications after wisdom teeth extractions. Dental Restorative Group generally advises Cambridge, Belmont, and Boston-area patients to use over-the-counter medication to manage discomfort.

Plan to return to our practice within a week or so for a follow-up visit, during which your doctor will confirm that you are progressing as expected and will answer any questions you have. By the end of the process, the surgical sites should heal completely, and you should be free of any of the risks that wisdom teeth present to your smile.

Whether you are nearing the age when wisdom teeth develop or experiencing problems later in life, our practice can help. Schedule an appointment with Dental Restorative Group to learn about wisdom teeth extractions.