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It’s a common question among our Cambridge dental patients who seek out our doctors for teeth whitening: “How white can you get my teeth?” With professional teeth whitening, it’s possible to brighten up your pearly whites up to eight shades whiter. But as you’ll learn in this blog post, just how white your teeth will get after a professional teeth whitening session will depend on a number of factors that are unique to you and your situation.

Teeth Whitening 101

Teeth whitening is a popular dental procedure among our Cambridge dental patients who desire a brighter smile. And it’s no wonder why. Years of drinking and eating certain beverages and food, such as red wine, soda, coffee and pasta sauce, can cause your teeth to yellow or otherwise stain or discolor. Additionally, habits like smoking can cause your teeth to turn a yellow hue. And finally, some people are just genetically predisposed to having darker colored teeth, no matter what they do to avoid them!

While there are a variety of DIY teeth whitening kits available online or at big box stores, our Cambridge doctors warn our patients about using them. First, teeth whitening isn’t for everyone, and you need a proper dental inspection to determine if you’re a safe candidate for the solution. And second, the inexpensive DIY kits just aren’t capable of providing you with as bright a smile as professional solutions can. Trust us; this is one area in which you don’t want to skimp on costs!

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

For Cambridge dental patients who seek out our care, professional teeth whitening works by breaking up the bonds that create stains. By attacking these bonds, professional teeth whitening systems like the ones we offer in our practice can create dramatic results for your teeth. And for your convenience, we offer in-office teeth whitening or professional kits that can be done on your own at home.

How Much Whiter Will My Teeth Be?

While our teeth whitening solutions can provide you with a smile up to eight times whiter, it’s not a guarantee that you’ll achieve these results. This is because how white your teeth will get is all dependent on that current state of your teeth and their existing stains and everyone’s favorite – genetics. When you visit our Cambridge doctors for a teeth whitening consultation, it’s important that you express how white you’re hoping your teeth can get so that, after a thorough examination of your teeth, our doctors can help set realistic expectations for your treatment session.

How Do I Keep My Teeth White After a Treatment Session?

When you invest in teeth whitening, we understand that you want to get a good ROI. And that’s why our doctors help advise our patients on practices to follow to keep their teeth bright after getting them whitened using our professional strength solutions. This includes avoiding food and beverages known to stain teeth, refraining from smoking, and practicing proper oral hygiene. Of course, depending on your unique case, you may need maintenance whitening sessions to keep your teeth as bright as you desire.

Schedule a Teeth Whitening Session Today

If you’re ready to shine those pearly whites, we’re here to help. To schedule a teeth whitening session today, call our doctors at (617) 492-5081.

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