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Our teeth are something most of us just take for granted. It’s not until we start experiencing pain or lose a tooth that we seriously consider our dental health. But once your dental health has taken a wrong turn, things can begin to spiral out of control rapidly. As soon as you lose your first tooth, your dental structure begins to weaken, causing teeth to loosen and shift out of their natural position. The risk of losing additional teeth increases significantly, and your overall dental health may become compromised.

Can this downward spiral of declining dental health be avoided? The answer is a resounding Yes: This is where dental implants can save the day!

At Dental Restorative Group, our team of qualified oral specialists provide dental implants and comprehensive restorative oral care for patients in Belmont, MA who want to restore natural tooth function by replacing lost teeth with fixed implants to achieve and maintain a healthy, natural-looking smile.

Top reasons for choosing dental implants

  1. Implants replace missing teeth and maintain the integrity of your dental structure.
  2. Implants support and brace neighboring teeth to keep them from becoming loose.
  3. Implants provide solid anchors for bridges and other dental devices.
  4. Implants are more comfortable than dentures and make it much easier to eat and speak.
  5. Implants are more attractive and natural-looking than dentures.
  6. Implants are easy to maintain through regular dental hygiene.
  7. Implants help you avoid the embarrassment and hassle of having to remove dentures.
  8. Implant surgery is safe, with a quick recovery period.
  9. You can leave our office with a brand new set of teeth in one day.
  10. Dental implants last for decades, providing long-lasting beauty and comfort.

Are dental implants right for you?

You may have heard that not all individuals are good candidates for dental implants, and many people are just doomed to wearing uncomfortable, loose-fitting partials and dentures for the rest of their lives. The good news is that the science and technology behind dental implants has evolved tremendously in the past 10 years, and implants are quickly becoming the industry standard for correcting dental problems for many more Belmont patients. Today, anyone may be a good candidate for dental implants, and dental implants are quickly replacing partials and dentures as the modern treatment of choice among doctors and patients alike.

If you live in Belmont, Cambridge, or nearby areas in Massachusetts, and you have loose teeth, crowns, partials, or dentures that you would love to replace with dental implants, look no further than Dental Restorative Group. Our friendly staff is on hand to address any questions or concerns you may have about replacing these types of outdated dental work with fixed, long-lasting dental implants to support your natural dental structure and give you a more functional and attractive set of teeth.

Call our convenient Belmont office today at (617) 489-1470 to learn more about how dental implants may improve the function and comfort of your smile!

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