Some artists work in oil, stone, or clay, but Dr. Chang is an artist who works in the medium of teeth!  I write this review no only to express my own positive experiences, with him, but also to reflect that he built implants for my father that are so realistic, they’re basically a carbon copy of his natural teeth.  It’s an all-too-common mistake for prosthodontists to make fake teeth look too perfect, and as we all know, you don’t see 59-year-old bikers with weathered, wrinkled skin and thinning gray hair who have gleaming white, perfectly aligned natural teeth.  Dr Chang understands that it is much more important to make dentures convincing and comfortable than to make you look like an old man with the teeth of a supermodel.  I haven’t personally had any restorative work done, but I did have some bonding and cement removed, as well as routine maintenance, and a bleaching treatment.  The office is a pleasure to visit.  He has art, fishtanks, three kinds of instant coffee machines, and plays relaxing classical pieces over the speakers.  Each chair has a TV mounted on the ceiling so you can watch cable while getting worked on, which is especially nice if you’re doing the whitening which takes up to 45 minutes.  The prices are not even that high, considering the quality of work you get for the money.  I’m not, nor do I hope to ever be in a position where I need rotten teeth yanked out of my head and replaced with screw-in porcelain falsies, but if I were, I’d be glad there are dentists like him to go to.  All the equipment is the latest and greatest, and they can do x-rays in just 10 minutes with no discomfort at all.  As good as it gets!

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