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Often when we schedule oral surgery for our Belmont patients, we find that it’s the first type of surgery they’ve ever had in their lives. As such, it’s normal that they are curious about the oral surgery process, as well as the recovery time period. While we provide detailed post-operative instructions to each of our Belmont oral surgery patients after their procedure, here are some general hygiene tips to help get you started on your oral surgery aftercare research:

  • Avoid Brushing or Flossing the Surgical Site Until Instructed to Do So

We know that the thought of a dentist telling a patient not to brush or floss his or her teeth probably sounds ridiculous. But, depending on the type of oral surgery you need our doctors to perform, refraining from brushing and flossing might be necessary for a few days. This is to allow for proper healing, and for stitches to take hold if they are needed for your oral surgery. So remember, read the post-op instruction and follow them to a “T.”

  • Only Eat What You’re Told to Eat

We know that no Belmont resident likes to be told what they can and can’t eat. But sticking to your diet instructions after oral surgery is extremely important as your mouth will be sensitive, and it needs time to heal. We hate to break it to you, but peanut brittle is going to be off the menu for a week or so after your oral surgery at Dental Restorative Group. Instead, you’ll likely be instructed to drink liquids (perhaps with a spoon and not a straw), and enjoy soft foods like yogurt, smoothies, soups, and eggs after your oral surgery.

  • Take Your Pain Medication Exactly As Prescribed

In some cases, our doctors may prescribe you with pain relievers after your oral surgery to help aid in keeping you comfortable during your healing process. This will definitely be true if you are getting wisdom teeth extractions. It’s important that you take every dose of your medication exactly as prescribed, even if that means you need to wake up in the middle of the night to take a pill. Trust us, that temporary disruption in your sleep is worth it when you’re comfortable during the day because you’re staying on top of your pain.

Consultations are important for each patient because we can take the time to get to know you and any personal details in your life that may be different from the average person. Always feel free to ask questions and bring up concerns you may have. We meet with our patients because we want them to feel safe and prepared for the time of surgery.

Call Our Belmont Doctors with Any Questions

If at any time during your healing process from oral surgery you have questions, or you think you may be developing complications or side effects from your procedure, we want to know.

Call our office to report any issues or ask any questions at (617) 489-1470.

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