Ok, I am going to admit it, I have HORRIBLE teeth.

When I was a child I was petrified by the dentist. My dentist was awful and every time I went for a cleaning it was like torture. So, as a result, I was not very good at keeping up my dental hygiene and then as an adult I started having problems.

My main problem was after having an emergency wisdom tooth extraction in college, I had an infection that then resulted in me having to remove two molars. After many years of not having essential teeth, I went to Dr, Chang.

My mother referred me to him when I moved back to Boston and I was hesitant to get the dental implant. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was. When Dr. Chang implanted the screw into my jaw, I felt no pain. There was no pain after the surgery. A month later, I returned for my cap. Now, I have a wonderful tooth and can eat without any problems. 

My insurance covered half of the cost and it was worth it. Having a reliable and pain free dental experience is hard to find, so go to Dr. Chang. He is AWESOME.

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