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For some Belmont patients, the pain in mouth may be a sign of significant problems. It may not be a simple toothache, but a more serious condition that requires oral surgery. How do you know if the tooth pain is serious enough to require oral surgery? Read on for a list of common reasons why Belmont area patients require oral surgery from the Dental Restorative Group.

You Have a Severely Decayed Tooth

Some teeth can’t be saved by drilling out cavities and filling them, or even giving them a root canal. If you have a severely infected tooth, whether it’s been treated before or not, you may require oral surgery to remove that tooth. Rest assured, our Belmont oral surgeons at the Dental Restorative Group are experienced at tooth removal and can keep you comfortable throughout the entire oral surgery.

You Need Dental Implants

If you need to have a tooth extracted or you’ve already lost a tooth due to trauma or tooth decay, you may be considering dental implants to restore your smile. Dental implants require a special oral surgery in which a titanium root structure is inserted into your jawbone to mimic your natural tooth root, and then a tooth-shaped crown is placed over the implant to give you a natural looking smile. Dental implants can also be used to hold bridges and dentures in place, too.

You Have Insufficient Bone Density

Some Belmont patients who have already lost teeth and want dental implants don’t have enough bone volume for predictable implant placement. Dental Restorative Group surgeons can provide bone grafting to restore ridge width and improve bone density. This bone grafting procedure is typically performed by using patient’s own natural bone from another area of your body, or by using donor bone tissue. Once bone density has been restored, additional oral surgery can be performed to insert dental implants.

You Need to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

Belmont teens and adults often complain about getting their wisdom teeth, and there’s no wonder why. It can be a very painful process! Wisdom teeth can grow in sideways, crooked, partially erupted or impacted, meaning that they can’t erupt at all. Wisdom teeth can be painful, risk tooth decay, and their eruption can misalign other teeth. For this reason, most teens and adults who are getting their wisdom teeth undergo oral surgery to have their wisdom teeth permanently removed.

I’m Experiencing a Lot of Pain. Do I Need Oral Surgery?

If you’re a Belmont resident who is experiencing a lot of tooth pain, we highly recommend that you make an appointment with the Dental Restorative Group for a full examination. During the examination, our dentists will look for the underlying cause of your tooth pain, which may include taking dental x-rays, to determine the cause of your problem. If you do, in fact, need oral surgery, our experienced oral surgeons will come up with a complete treatment plan for you to not only take care of your dental issue but keep you comfortable throughout the oral surgery, too. You can call our Belmont offices today to schedule a dental examination at (617) 489-1470.

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