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Having dental examinations regularly is an important part of maintaining your teeth and gums. Dental Restorative Group makes the experience both personable and professional, providing high-quality care and prioritizing your comfort. 

Our practice offers patients general, family, and specialty dental services. We participate in a range of insurance networks and are happy to help in filing your claim. You can visit any of our convenient locations for a dental examination in Cambridge and Belmont.

Why Should You Have a Dental Examination?

Decades ago, patients usually saw their dentist only after they noticed a problem: a broken or missing tooth, pain, sensitivity, or symptoms of disease. Dental professionals addressed these concerns, but patients typically had experienced damage and discomfort by the time they received the treatment they needed.

Modern dentistry encourages patients to see a professional as part of both acute and preventative care. Dental problems can develop without symptoms, so seeing a dentist regularly can help patients resolve problems when they are smaller and require less-invasive techniques.

At Dental Restorative Group, new Cambridge and Belmont patients take part in a comprehensive dental examination that reviews existing and potential oral health concerns. We typically conduct a full mouth X-ray and cleaning, and we take a medical history to have a more complete understanding of the patient’s needs.

Cambridge and Boston-area patients also have a dental examination with Dental Restorative Group when they have problems that require immediate treatment, including oral surgery, gum grafting, and crown lengthening. The examination helps our doctors evaluate the condition of the teeth and identify the best approach to each case.

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Do your teeth have build up from everyday use?

Routine dental cleanings can help make your teeth feel smoother and cleaner by removing plaque and build up. Dr. Chang recommends preventative dental cleanings every 6 months. Get bright, clean teeth in less than an hour by scheduling your appointment today.

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How Often Should You Have a Dental Examination?

The standard is to see your dentist twice a year. For most people, this schedule—along with proper brushing and flossing at home—is appropriate. However, Dental Restorative Group may recommend that you have a dental examination more frequently.

Why? You may be at higher risk of cavities or gum disease based on certain behaviors, conditions, or family history. You may also need to see your doctor more frequently as you get older to prevent complications from oral health disease.

What to Expect with Your Visit

Begin by scheduling a dental examination with our office in Cambridge or our locations throughout Greater Boston.

Our doctors prioritize patient care and comfort. We commit about two hours to new patient visits so that we can get to know you, learn about the concerns you are having, and conduct a thorough dental examination. Patients will typically have a cleaning as well. Quality treatment rather than expediency is our priority.

As part of your visit, your doctor will also:

  • Take the time to talk with you about proper dental hygiene.
  • Discuss procedures you may require based on the examination.
  • Answer any questions you have in detail.

We do not pressure patients into choosing treatment but instead provide them with the information they need to make a well-informed decision. Our aim is to be a trusted resource in oral health care.

A More Comfortable Dental Experience

The professionals of Dental Restorative Group want to make your dental examination as comfortable and anxiety-free as we can. We offer care in a modern office setting and use techniques that reduce discomfort and improve recovery time.

Our doctors include highly skilled generalists and specialists with extensive expertise in preventative and restorative procedures. They contribute research to the field of oral health, teach at Harvard and Columbia University’s dental schools, and continually hone their skills through professional development.

Highly experienced dental hygienists compliment the work of our doctors. Their gentle, professional approach makes the dental examination more pleasant and effective. The quality of our team, culture of transparency, and timely service make care from Dental Restorative Group a better experience.

If you are ready for a dental examination in Cambridge and Greater Boston, schedule an appointment with Dental Restorative Group online or by phone.