Beautiful Woman Smiling in the CountrysideIf you’ve got a baby on the way and a toothache that hurts so badly you think it might need to be extracted, you’re probably wondering if it’s safe to have oral surgery while you’re expecting. Dr. Chang hears this question from many expectant Belmont moms in his local practice. The good news is, when local anesthetics are used – which have been proven to be safe for both baby and mom – emergency surgeries can be performed during any trimester.

Our Focus on Emergency Oral Surgeries Only for Expectant Moms

While we understand there are elective or cosmetic oral surgeries that expectant moms may desire, most dentists agree with Dr. Chang that only an urgent, emergency oral surgery should be performed during pregnancy. This is because some more involved elective surgeries – like dental implant placement – typically require IV sedation. Because Dr. Chang doesn’t IV sedate expectant moms, and this surgery isn’t medically necessary, it’s best to wait to have the procedure performed until your baby has made his or her arrival.

The Safety of Local Anesthetics

Many studies have been conducted to study the safety of local anesthetics – those that numb you but don’t put you to sleep – during pregnancy. An overwhelming amount of evidence proves that these injectables are safe for pregnant Belmont moms. Still, out of an abundance of caution, Dr. Chang and his team will provide you with the lowest possible dose that keeps you comfortable during this procedure. This is because we believe there’s no reason to over-numb you while you are expecting a little one.

Dental X-Rays Are Safe During Pregnancy

Sometimes, to determine if an oral surgery needs to take place, a dental x-ray is needed. Most Belmont women know that x-rays and pregnancy don’t mix. However, dental x-rays are different. The amount of radiation emitted during a dental x-ray is very minimal. Additionally, our staff will cover your belly with a protective leaded apron to keep you and baby safe during the x-ray.

Try to Have Your Oral Surgery As Early in Your Pregnancy as Possible

Ask any Belmont mom, and she’ll tell you that laying flat on your back when you’re in your third trimester is the exact opposite of comfortable. Because of this, Dr. Chang recommends that expectant moms have their medically necessary surgery as early in their pregnancy as possible. After all, the less weight pushing on your spine, the better for you!

Sometimes, though, dental emergencies do pop up during a woman’s third trimester. Not only can laying on your back in a dental chair for an extended period of time be extremely uncomfortable, but it also poses a very slight risk of inducing premature labor.

If this situation occurs, Dr. Chang will likely coordinate with your OB-GYN or midwife to determine the best course of treatment. The answer may be to find a safe-for-pregnancy pain reliever to keep mom comfortable so that the oral surgery can be performed after baby has made his or her arrival. Every situation is unique, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer that Dr. Chang can provide.

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Whether you have additional questions about oral surgeries during pregnancy, or you are curious about how you should be caring for your teeth while you’re expecting, Dr. Chang is here to help.

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